"I needed to find a carer for my mother and Google offered me the Home Care Direct site as one option. The site is absolutely brilliant! I was able to easily comprehend how the platform works and to then perform a search for my area. I was very lucky to find a gem of a carer and so far, everything is working out very well. Once contact is made, it's easy to negotiate what the terms of the contract will be and it's flexible. I like how the payment system works too. Everything is very clear and it gives you the feeling of being in control. We had a few teething problems at the start to get the account operational, but the team was very proactive in helping both us of getting sorted. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs help with loved ones at what is a difficult time." Angela C, Dublin

"I have really enjoyed my time working through the online platform Home Care Direct. I currently work with the one care recipient and thoroughly enjoy working with them. I have always loved being a carer. However through homecare direct I have the freedom to decide my own hours and rates of pay and can work to suit my own schedule. Once this is all agreed with the client the contract is drawn up and the rest is automated. I can also claim for expenses and mileage which is an excellent perk to have as a Home Carer.

The app itself is user friendly and very convenient to use. The resources tab on the app is extremely useful particularly the care plan template. Home Care Direct carried out an interview as well as carrying out my garda vetting, reference and background checks and have all my certificates kept on file. This therefore gives the client peace of mind. I have built up a very strong relationship with both the client and the care recipient and work directly with the client to ensure that the needs of the care recipient are being met at all times. Although I don’t work directly for Home Care Direct they have been extremely professional and supportive and provided me with in depth training on the app itself. Home Care Direct empowers carers to be self motivated, driven and committed to their client and care recipient ."
Carin D, Dublin

"As a carer Home Care Direct gives you the best of both worlds. You're technically working for yourself but they take care of taxes and insurance. Home Care Direct take a percentage but you would barely notice it 'cause you are charging proper rates."
Olivia O'R, Dublin